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KBT nv appreciates your interest in our products and your visit to our internet site. We want to make clear what happens to the personal data you put at our disposal and we find it important that you don’t feel uncertain while visiting our site. The personal data you put at our disposal, inclusive your e-mail address will be used as follows:

  • The information you give us in order to receive information from KBT nv (e.g. a request for our annual report or other materials) is saved so that we can treat your request for information.
  • The information you give us for a job application is saved and treated with the utmost care.
  • The personal information you send us can only be safely administered when it has passed our firewall (protection filter). Please consider sending confidential information.
  • The saved data will also be used for internal visit analyses in order to optimise our site. This information can also be used to keep you informed of the latest developments of KBT nv and its products. Please inform us if you don’t want us to use this information (any longer)
  • We will not sell or put your personal information at the disposal of third parties, who are no part or direct partner of KBT nv.

Our website also contains links to other websites that don’t belong to KBT nv. KBT nv could however not be held responsible for the privacy measures of these websites.

All the received personal data are saved in a file.

Proprietor: KBT nv, Hemelrijken 12, 2890 Sint-Amands, Belgium. These data are used for the promotion of the products of KBT nv. You have right of access and correction right with regard to these data. Further information: Public Register (Committee for protection of the Personal Way of life).

Conditions for use

The consultation of this site resorts under our conditions for use and under all applicable laws. By visiting and consulting this site you hereby accept the conditions for use, as stated below, without limitation or exclusion.

Copyright notice

The content of this site is copyright protected and these copyrights refer to KBT nv or its suppliers and partners. All rights reserved. No information on this site (among which, but not exclusively, text, presentations, illustrations, pictures and sound) may be copied, transferred, distributed or saved without prior written permission of KBT nv unless stated otherwise. Modifications of the content of the site are strictly forbidden. Parts of the site contain illustrations that are explicitly part of the copyrights of the suppliers.

No guarantee or responsibility

For the information shown on this site, no rights or claims can be attributed what so ever. KBT nv is not responsible for the information on sites you visit through this site. Links are offered as a service, which does not mean that KBT nv is responsible for the content of these sites. Besides, it is your own responsibility to check whether or not these sites contain viruses and other things with a damaging character. We can modify any information on this site without prior announcement or agreement.

Remarks, questions and suggestions

KBT nv does not wish to receive any strictly confidential or reserved information through this site. All information received by you (suggestions, ideas and other) will be considered as non-confidential and public, except for the above privacy policy concerning your personal information. By sending materials to KBT nv you give them the unlimited, irrevocable right to use, show, modify, process and distribute this information and to legally register this information; KBT nv also has the right to freely apply ideas and techniques you send us. KBT nv has designed this site with the utmost care. KBT nv is available for suggestions or comments. Possible complaints regarding certain texts or illustrations can also be announced.

In General

KBT nv is free to modify these conditions for use by publishing them again on this site. The conditions for use are made up and resort under the legal country of settlement of KBT nv, Belgium and all disputes will resort under the Belgian jurisdiction. In case of invalidity or infeasibility of a certain part of these conditions for use according to a court with adequate jurisdiction, the involved part of the conditions for use will be considered to be expired, while the remaining stipulations of these conditions for use will be legally considered to remain in effect.

Cookies Policy

In order to better adjust our websites to your needs and preferences,  makes use of cookies. You have the option to refuse cookies. In the case that you do refuse them, we must inform you of the fact that certain parts of our website will not function properly. It may also be the case that you will no longer have access to certain services that we offer on this website.

In case you do not change your cookie settings and opt to 'Continue,' then  shall assume that you consent to accept our cookies.

Below we provide more information about cookies with a simple Q&A format.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which the server of site you are viewing stores in the web browser of your computer or your mobile device - such as a smartphone, iPhone, iPad and the like. A cookie contains code that only can be read by the server that placed it there. The server has therefore no access to other information that resides on your computer or mobile device.

What does a cookie file consist of?

A cookie file consists of:

  • the name of the server that stored the cookie file
  • an expiration date that is indicated
  • a unique numerical code
What are cookies used for?

Using cookies, we ensure that your browsing experience as a visitor to our websites is as optimal as possible. The use of cookies also allows you to navigate between the different sections of the website in a quicker and easier manner by adjusting the content of our site to your personal preferences, for example your language preference.

Where can I find these cookies?

Cookies are placed in a special folder of your browser on your computer or your mobile device.

What is a 'Session cookie'?

This cookie has the function of recognizing your browser during your visit to our websites.

What is a 'Permanent cookie'?

This cookie has the function of recognizing your browser for repeat visits to our websites.

Which cookies are necessary?

You will notice that certain sections of our websites will not function or will not function properly if you have blocked the necessary cookies.  uses such cookies, for example, for filling out contact information forms or for allowing you to participate in discussions on our blogs.  makes use of "necessary" cookies when you want to log in to your own personal account. We use these cookies to be able to check your identity in a secure manner and to authorise access to the personal information you have entered.

What are 'Functional cookies'?

As the name itself suggests, these cookies enable the optimal functionality of our websites to that you experience as pleasant and personal visit as possible to our websites.  makes use of 'functional cookies' to 'remember' your personal preferences and avoid having to repeat the same communication steps during subsequent visits, for example when taking a certain action.

What are 'Performance cookies'?  makes use of 'performance cookies' to determine how you use our websites with the intention of adjusting and improving the content and ease of use of our websites. So for example we can track the number of visitors to each page or the most common language preference used by visitors to the site.

What are 'Third Party cookies'?

These are cookies that are saved from advertisements originating from third parties that appear on the websites of . These have the intention of tailoring the advertisements and/or the content of the advertisements to your personal preferences. You can only see these cookies if you do not block them. When using third party cookies, neither  nor the advertisers (third parties) have access to your personal information.

What is 'Embedded content'?  may refer you to other sites via a clickable link. This will take you to the website of another organisation. It may occur that the website to which you are directed also makes use of cookies.  advises you to consult the terms of use listed on the website of the organisation in question, so that you can inform yourself about their privacy and cookies policies.

How can I manage these cookies?

You are able to manage your own cookies. You can adjust the settings of your browser according to your own personal preferences. You can always remove cookies that have been stored and refuse new cookies by adjusting your browser settings.

The website below provides you with an overview of the most commonly used browsers in order to help you in setting your browser preferences:

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