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The ‘HELICA’ carousel is an inclusive carousel that is attractive for all children, and has space for two wheelchairs. 

The carousel with a unique and fresh KBT design, is installed flush with the ground level for easy access for all users. A brightly coloured outer ring serves as a visual marker for children with visual impairments. The construction consists of a galvanised powder coated steel frame, HDPE seats and a diamond, anti-slip floor plate. The carousel is specifically designed for an easy, almost ‘plug-and-play’ installation. The maintenance of the high load capacity bearing is easy and intuitive. The large spinning disc facilitates a lot of children playing together freely. 

All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

  • Tuv Sued 2024

Product specifications

  • Product group
    Commercial use > Acrobatics
  • Product type
    Commercial use, Acrobatics, Carousels
  • Dimensions
    2270 x 2270 x 1042 mm
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