Photo ©Innke Gebruers 

In February of this year The Henry Van de Velde Awards were presented. Considered the most important Design award in Flanders-Belgium, 21 winners - of which 7 gold-awards - are chosen in 7 different categories. The awards focus on the value and impact of design on our economy and society. They are widely supported thanks to the shared vision of a professional jury with considerable expertise in the industry.

This year’s winner of the “collaborative-gold-award” is Bailleul-design office, that collaborated with Gielsbos – a care-center for people with physical and mental disabilities near Turnhout in Belgium.

For this center they have designed the winning Installation called Oase, that covers 3 activity/relaxation zones for the residents of the center and their caregivers. - The experience oase - The play oase - The silent oase

For the realization of the installation in the play zone, Bailleul-design office chose to incorporated our KBT buoy ball swing ‘drop’. The use of different bright colors of our Buoy Ball, are a perfect match and an added value for today’s modern and temporary designs. The bouncy feel of the ball and the soft texture of the KBT ‘PH’ rope are perfect for use in the context of the Oase care-center. This shows that a number of our KBT products are already in use and deployable in specific inclusive contexts.

 Photo ©Innke Gebruers

Name of designer(s)
Jelke Stoop
Thomas De Backer
Esmee Vanbeselaere
Nicolas Wybaillie
Joanna Kurdubelska

Name of agency
Bailleul Ontwerpbureau

Name of company
Het GielsBos

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