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The KBT zip wire kit contains a zipwire and a KBT monkey swing in red or green. 

The KBT zip wire ‘para’ is a truly unique KBT design that brings the fun of cableways to your own backyard. The zip wire is easy to mount to any tree. The high-quality injection moulded polyamide (PA) housing has a metal suspension frame inside which makes the product very durable. The grips have an anti-slip surface. The plastic monkey swing for the zip wire is sold individually.

The KBT plastic monkey swing for zip wire ‘para’ is a monkey swing specifically designed for the zip wire ‘para’. It is an alternative for the handgrip position. It allows younger children that cannot support their own weight yet to use the zip wire from a young age. The eight and D-shackle are in galvanised steel.

They are both standard available separately. 

All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

  • Tuv Nord Baumuster

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    Residential use > Acrobatics
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    Residential use, Acrobatics, Zip wires, New products
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