product information

The KBT rubber baby seat ‘FORTO’ comes completely pre-assembled. All the parts are metal/aluminium reinforced. The seat comes with a chain set in stainless steel chain (Ø 6 mm, chain length 2,50 m) with a D-shackle at the top end. The seat is also available separately. The seat comes with J-hooks that allows to use different chain sets.A different chain set in stainless steel chain (Ø 5 mm, chain length 1,80 m) is available separately.

All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

  • Tuv Sud

Product specifications

  • product group
    Commercial use > Swinging
  • Product type
    Commercial use, Swinging, Baby seats, 'FORTO' collection
  • Dimensions
    460 x 300 x 235 mm
  • beam type
    3,00 m
  • Age groups
    < 36 months
  • Colours

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